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4th International Conference on Cloud Computing

October 17–19, 2013 | Wuhan, People's Republic of China

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Thursday, 17th of October (Room 211, Building No. 1)




Opening Ceremony: Prof. Victor C. M. Leung, IEEE Fellow


Keynote I

  • Evolution to 5G Wireless for Personalized Cloud and Communications Services

Prof. Li-Chun Wang, IEEE Fellow


Coffee Break


Keynote II

  • The UberCloud HPC Experiment - Paving the way to HPC as a Service

Prof. Wolfgang Gentzsch, Chairman of the UberCloud HPC Experiment, Executive HPC Consultan


Keynote III

  • How to Build Cloud-based Mobile Network for Enterprise

Prof. Roy "Xiaorong" Lai, Chairman of Confederal Networks Inc., USA


Lunch Break


 Session 1: Mobile Cloud Computing

(Chair: Manohara Pai M. M., MIT, Manipal, India)

  • Environment Perception for Cognitive Cloud Gaming

Wei Cai, Conghui Zhou, Victor C.M. Leung, Min Chen

  • Adaptive Multimedia Cloud Computing Center Applied on H.264/SVC Streaming

Wei-Ting Cho, Chin-Feng Lai

  • Vehicular Cyber-Physical Systems with Mobile Cloud Computing Support

Hehua Yan, Jiafu Wan, Yingying Wang, Zhonghai Wang, Zhumei Song


Coffee Break


Session 2: Services, Applications, IoT on Cloud

(Chair: Manohara Pai M. M., MIT, Manipal, India)

  • A Simulation Study of Connected Vehicle Systems Using Named Data Networking

Tao Jiang, Xiaowei Xu, Lu Pu, Yu Hu, Zhijun Qiu

  • Interchanging Cloud Providers Instances through Ubiquitous Devices

Tiago M. C. Simões, Jorge E. F. Costa, Joel J. P. C. Rodrigues, Long Hu

  • Mobile Cloud Computing in Service Platform for Vehicular Networking

Yingying Wang, Hehua Yan

  • Performance Analysis of Cloud DVR for Energy Efficiency Clustering Strategy

Zhen Zhao


Social Event: Dinner at HUST


End of Day 1


Friday, 18th October 2013 (Room 211, Building No. 1)




Session 3: Architecture and Big Data

(Chair: Wei Fu, PLA's National University of Defense Technology, China)

  • Boosting MapReduce with Network-Aware Task Assignment

Fei Xu, Fangming Liu, Dekang Zhu, Hai Jin

  • Towards a Trusted Launch Mechanism for Virtual Machines in Cloud Computing

Juan Wang, Xuhui Xie, Qingfei Wang, FeiYan, Hongxin Hu, Sijun Zhou, Tao Wang

  • Dynamic Resource Provisioning in Cloud Computing: A Heuristic Markovian Approach

Hamid Reza Qavami, Shahram Jamali, Mohammad K. Akbari, Bahman Javadi


Coffee Break


Session 4: Cloud-assisted Pervasive Computing and Services

(Chair: Wei Fu, PLA's National University of Defense Technology, China)

  •  Research on Sports Teaching Resource Platform Based on Cloud Computing

Zhang Jian, Song Wanjuan

  • Delay-Optimized Offloading for Mobile Cloud Computing Services in Heterogenous Networks

Kan Zheng, Hanlin Meng, Hua Zhu, Kai Lin, Wei Cai, Hang Long

  • Exploring Critical Risks Associated with Enterprise Cloud Computing

Guo Chao, Alex Peng, Arnab Dutta, Alok Choudhary


Lunch Break


Session 5: Management and Virtualization for Cloud 

(Chair: Juan Wang, Wuhan University, China)

  • A Capability-based Matchmaking Mechanism Supporting Resource Aggregation within Large-Scale Distributed Computing Infrastructures

Feng Liang, Hai Liu, Yunzhen Liu, Shilong Ma, Siyao Zheng, Pan Deng

  • The Framework of SCADA System Based on Cloud Computing

Liu Miao, Changbing Guo, Mancang Yuan

  • Cloud services platform of public resources trading integration

Jianbin Xiong, Qinruo Wang, Jianqi Liu, Qiong Liang, Keliang Zhou


Coffee Break


Session 6: Cloud Security

(Chair: Juan Wang, Wuhan University, China)

  • Trusting identity based authentication on hybrid cloud computing

Hazem A. Elbaz, Mohammed H. Abd-elaziz, Taymoor Nazmy

  • A Dual Cloud Based Secure Environmental Parameter Monitoring System: A WSN Approach

Pooja. B, Manohara Pai M.M, Radhika M. Pai

  • Data Possession Provability on Semi-Trusted Cloud Storage

Wei Fu, Bo Yan, and Xiaoping Wu


End of Day 2


Saturday, 19th October 2013 (Room Western 216, Building Southern No. 1)




Tutorial I

  • Advances in  Cloud-Assisted Mobile Computing and Pervasive Services

Prof. Min Chen, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China


Coffee Break


Workshop Session 1

(Chair: Jiafu Wan, South China University of Technology, China)

  • A BPEL-Based Web Service Flow Engine in the Early Warning of the Volcano Effusion

Jingyuan Pang, Chen Wang, Pan Deng, Yanhong Lu, Hao Liu

  • Oriented Research of Color Emotion in  E-Commerce Website Interface

Xiaoling Zhang, Fengmei Qin

  • An Adaptive Variable Structure Control Approach Based on Neural Networks and Filter for Four-wheel Omnidirectional Mobile Robots

Wang Jianbin, Chen Jianping, Yang Yimin

  • Radar Decision Criteria Based on Fuzzy Test of Hypotheses

Ahmed K. Elsherif, Chunming Tang, Lei Zhang




Tutorial II:

  • Big Data and Cloud

Prof. Min Chen, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China


Coffee Break


Workshop Session 2

(Chair: Jiafu Wan, South China University of Technology, China)

  • An Efficient Adaptive Neighbor Selection Algorithm in Pear-to-Pear Networks

Xian Li, Aili Zhang

  • Design Support Tools of Cyber-Physical Systems: A Brief Survey

Keliang Zhou, Binbin Liu, Cen Ye, Ling Liang

  • Study on Collaborative Awareness Model based on Working Tree

Zuomin Luo, Yinzhao Lin, Haolu Hou

  • Study on the transformation method of AADL-based reliability model in the embedded system

Liu Jianjun, Meng Haining, Huang Yinglan, Zhong Shan

  • Distributed IPv6 Sensor Network Networking Method Based on Dynamic Regional Agents

Jiye Wang, Zhihua Cheng, Jinghong Guo


End of the conference