Accepted papers

Empowering HEIs through LLMs and Cloud Computing: Strategies for Seamless Integration and Sustainable TransformationIdris, Mohamed   (University of Bedfordshire); Feng, Xiaohua   (University of Bedfordshire); Dyo, Vladimir   (Royal Holloway, University of London)
Artificial Intelligence Impact for Digital Forensics — Cloud Computing & IT Law Education InvestigationFeng, Xiaohua (University of Bedfordshire); Hussein, Khalid   (University of Bedfordshire)
SecureCloud: A Cross-Platform Encrypted File Sharing Solution with Forensic Imaging CapabilityMuthupandian, Arunpaul   (University of Bedfordshire); Artemi, Mahmoud   (University of Bedfordshire); Feng, Xiaohua   (University of Bedfordshire); Conrad, Marc   (University of Bedfordshire)
AI for Law and AI under Law in ChinaWang, Jian   (China Foreign Affairs University); Xu, Junke   (China Foreign Affairs University)
Enhancing Biometric Security: Advancements in Environment-Independent Channel State Information AnalysisMigacz, Lukasz   (University Of Bedfordshire)
Forecasting Network Capacity for Enterprise Backbone Networks using Machine Learning TechniquesPatil, Kapil   (Oracle America Inc); Desai, Bhavin   (Google Inc)
Admission Control and Scheduling of Offloaded Tasks Over Mobile Edge ServersFarooq, Muhammad Omer  (Munster Technological University); Kunz, Thomas   (Carleton University)
COVID-19 Detection With Machine Learning And  AiChauhan, Peeyush Kumar  (Galgotias University)