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6th EAI International Conference on Cloud Computing

October 28–29, 2015 | Daejeon, South Korea

Wednesday, Oct. 28 2015




Open Ceremony:

        Provost and executive vice president of KAIST, Prof. Hyun Wook Park

        General chair: Prof. Chan Hyun Youn


Keynote I:

  • Software-defined cloud systems: concepts and challenges

Prof. José A.B. Fortes (IEEE Fellow)


Coffee Break


Keynote II: 

  • Emotion Communications Powered by Big Data Clouds, Smart Clothing and Robotics

Prof. Min Chen


Lunch Break


Session 1: Virtualization & Management on Cloud

(Chair: TBD)

  • Automated Overlay Virtual Networking Manager for OpenFlow-based International SDN-Cloud Testbed

Jun-Sik Shin and JongWon Kim

  • An Educational Virtualization Infrastructure

Mohamed K. Watfa, Vincent A. Udoh and Said M. Al Abdulsalam

  • A Study of Resource Management for Fault-Tolerant and Energy Efficient Cloud Datacenter

Dong-Ki Kang, Fawaz Al-Hazemi, Seong-Hwan Kim, and Chan-Hyun Youn

  • User Isolation in Multi-user Multi-touch Devices Using OS-level Virtualization

Minkyeong Lee, Minho Lee, Inhyeok Kim, and Young Ik Eom

  • A VM Vector Management Scheme for QoS Constraint Task Scheduling in Cloud Environment

Kyung-no Joo, Seonghwan Kim, Dongki Kang, Yusik Kim, Chan-Hyun Youn

  • An Adaptive VM Reservation Scheme with Prediction and Task Allocation in Cloud 

Jisoo Choi, Yungi Ha, Gyubeom Choi, and Chan-Hyun Youn

  • A Cost-effective VM Offloading Scheme in Hybrid Cloud Environmen

Myeongseok Hyeon, Heejae Kim, and Chan-Hyun Youn


Coffee break


Session 2: Resource Management, Models and Performance

  • A New Framework for Cloud Business Process Management

Mohamed K. Watfa, Nafez AL Najjar, Jad Cheikha, and Nayef Buali

  • On Increasing Resource Utilization of a High-Performance Computing System

Lung-Pin Chen, and Yu-Shan Cheng

  • A Game Theory based Automated SLA Negotiation Model for Confined Federated Clouds

Asma Al Falasi, Mohammed Adel Serhani, Younes Hamdouch

  • Experiences on Setting up On-Premise Enterprise Cloud Using OpenStack

Ananthalakshmi Ammal R., Aneesh Kumar K.B., Alka Beniwal., Renjith B.

  • Performance Evaluation of Scientific Workow on OpenStack and OpenVZ

Amol Jaikar, Syed Asif Raza Shah, Sangwook Bae, and Seo-Young Noh

  • An Science Gateway with Cost Adaptive Resource Management Schemes

Woojoong Kim, Seung-Hwan Kim and Chan-Hyun Youn

  • Hybrid workflow management in Cloud broker system

Dongsik Yoon, Seong-Hwan Kim, Dong-Ki Kang, and Chan-Hyun Youn


Social Event: Dinner

End of day1



Thursday, Oct. 29 2015




Session 3: Best Paper Session

(Chair: TBD)

  • Enabling SDN Experimentation with Wired and Wireless Resources: The SmartFIRE facility

Kostas Choumas, Thanasis Korakis, Hyunwoo Lee, Donghyun Kim, Junho Suh, Taekyoung Kwon, Pedro Martinez-Julia, Antonio Skar

  • Dynamic Virtual Machine Consolidation for Energy Efficient Cloud Data Centers

Dong-Ki Kang, Fawaz Alhazemi, Seong-Hwan Kim, and Chan-Hyun Youn

  • System Interconnection Device for Small-scale Clusters

Ye Ren, Young Woo Kim, and Hag Young Kim



Coffee Break


Session 4: Mobile Cloud and Media Services

  • Mobile Cloud Computing System Components Composition Formal Verification Method Based on Space-Time Pi-calculus

Peng Wang, Ling Yang, Guo Wen Li

  • Monitoring Prayer Using Mobile Phone Accelerometer Reem

Al-Ghannam*, Eiman Kanjo**, Hmood Al-Dossari*

  • A Prospective Cloud-connected Vehicle Information System for C-ITS Application Services in Connected Vehicle Environment

EongMin Song, Woojoong Kim, Seong-Hwan Kim, GyuBeom Choi, HeeJae Kim, Chan-Hyun Youn

  • Video and USB transmission devices for cloud desktop service

Chanho Park, Hagyoung Kim

  • A Feature-Oriented Mobile Software Development Framework to Resolve the Device Fragmentation Phenomenon for Application Developers in the Mobile Software Ecosystem

Younghun Han, Gyeongmin Go, Sungwon Kang, and Heuijin Lee

  • Improving Data Access for Smart World

Tariq Lasloum and Ahmad S. Almogren


Lunch break


Session 5: Pervasive Cloud applications, services and testbeds

  • Implications of Integration and Interoperability for Enterprise Cloud-based Applications

Justice Opara-Martins, Reza Sahandi, and Feng Tian

  • Building and Operating Distributed SDN-Cloud Testbed with Hyper-convergent SmartX Boxes

Aris Cahyadi Risdianto, Junsik Shin, and JongWon Kim

  • On Providing Response Time Guarantees to a Cloud-hosted Telemedicine Web Service

Waqar Haider, Waheed Iqbal, Fawaz S. Bokhari, and Faisal Bukhari

  • Modeling Parallel Execution Policies of Web Services

Mai Xuan Trang, Yohei Murakami, and Toru Ishida

  • A Hybrid Cloud Computing Model for Higher Education Institutions in Saudi Arabia

Muhammad Asif Khan

  • A Methodology to Select the Best Public Cloud Service for Media Focussed Enterprises

Subhranshu Banerjee, Vikas Mathur and Sreehari Narasipur

  • A Cloud Computing System Using Virtual Hyperbolic Coordinates for Services Distribution

Telephore Tiendrebeogo


Coffee break


Session 6: Cloud-enabling Techniques and Devices

  • A Buffer Cache Algorithm for Hybrid Memory Architecture in Mobile Devices

Chansoo Oh, Dong Hyun Kang, Minho Lee, and Young Ik Eom

  • Protocol for a Simplified Processor-Memory Interface using High-Speed Serial Link 

HyukJe Kwon, Yongseok Choi

  • The Trapping Device Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network

Hendrick, Guo-Sheng Liao, Lu, Kuo-Ying, Lin,Chun-Yen, Gwo-Jia Jong

  • A Formal Approach for Modeling and Veri_cation of Distributed Systems

Gang Ren, Pan Deng,Chao Yang, Jianwei Zhang, and Qingsong Hua

  • Design of a Security Gateway for iKaaS Platform

Seira Hidano, Shinsaku Kiyomoto Yosuke Murakami, Panagiotis Vlacheas, and Klaus Moessner

  • KVM-QEMU Virtualization with ARM64bit Server System

Jin-Suk Ma*, Hak-Young Kim, and Wan Choi


Conference Close